Icarus - Didn't he crash and die? - humorous thought

Just a thought - I know that Icarus was the son of Daedalus. But didn’t Icarus crash and die? Is it a good idea to name a piece of software related to something that crashes and dies? I hope we are not inviting bad karma? (wink wink) I think I would have named it Leprechaun - because they at least have a pot of gold.

Just a little off beat humor to enlighten the day!

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To build a wallet like this, we would need to prove that we could safely and securely store private keys and execute client-side cryptographic operations in the browser. In tandem, we would need to communicate with the Cardano nodes to provide users with their current UTxO state. If this could be accomplished, it would be no mean feat, hence the name Icarus – from the beginning we knew we would be flying close to the sun.

Source: IOHK blog


Icarus was an Engineer who wanted to verify the performance of Daedalus’s machine. There we go I have found a reason for Icarus transgression, effectively blocking bad karma. Now a days the sun will probably be more helpful as power supply. Plus sunset over Icarian Sea are amazing.