Idea for decentralized lobby funding & 'Proof of Social Good' resource

Hi everyone! New member to the forum, longtime Cardano fan. I have zero experience in programming, app development, or web design. Basically no experience that could help me build or even decide if this was a viable project, so I thought I would share it here for some feedback/help.

I was recently inspired by one of Charles’ speeches regarding legislation and the need to band together for the sake of the industry. This, combined with little nuggets of info from previous talks of his, got me thinking about decentralized funding for lobbying efforts and what that could become. This is what I have thus far…

The primary purpose of this app would be to generate funds to secure lobbying efforts for the crypto industry in a decentralized manner, with fair governance within the participating community to provide guidance of lobbying efforts.

  • Donations generate NFT badges that display total donated, with underlying info to support governance/staking weight.
    • Multiple can be traded in to consolidate into an ‘upgraded’ badge level within set time period.
    • Unspent funds are staked to gain rewards for fund.
  • NFTs can be pooled/staked together to create a new resource for block validation (Proof of Social Good).
  • NFT levels are tied into governance weight.
    • This governance/staking weight will be proportional to total pool and be at ‘full value’ for a set period, after which its governance weight (& possibly staking weight) will diminish (but never to zero) if not renewed.
    • Allows for a grace period to renew after set time to ‘upgrade their badge’ to total donation and renew for new period
      • Would allow for donor to roll over full governance/staking value to combine with new donation.
      • Donations made outside of renewal period would be a new donation/badge
        Consider allowing ‘upgrade’ to be done for a fee if outside of renewal period
        Consider whether this ‘compounding’ is good for governance and should also apply to staking weight
  • NFTs are based on smart contracts that offer perpetual royalties to be delivered to the fund in the event of a resale (% of sale).
    • How to add ‘value’ to NFT after initial acquisition?
      • ‘Market Value’ determined by artistic value/media enhancement of NFT. Resale purchase price would not influence the weight of governance/staking
      • Limited Edition Fundraiser NFTS by known and emerging artists/influencers?
  • Explore whether model could be recreated, in some context, for donations to 501(c)(3) organizations/foundations devoted to using blockchain for social good.
    • Can provide tax benefits to help offset capital gains while supporting the ecosystem
    • Explore whether to apply governance/resource pool

Thanks for reading! I’m sure this idea is a hot mess, but wanted to give my thoughts to the community.



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