Idea Nakamoto wishes to contribute to the development of cryptocurrencies

Hi everyone, I am a fan of Satoshi Nakamoto so I chose my name on the crypto space as Idea Nakamoto.

I have several ideas about blockchain technology although I do not know well coding. In my opnion, Cardano has a brilliant future, in which it will surpass Ethereum and even Bitcoin. Currently, the market is bearish so it is not the right time for a mega uptrend. But that day will come soon on the road map of Cardano. 80% of my investment in cryptocurrencies now is for Cardano.

Lately, I wrote a paper as you can find at Bitcointalk, titled Paperization of cryptocurrencies as Giftdrop: a short-cut to the daily life
I really believe paper wallets are the best tools to realize cryptocurrencies in the daily life. Even people without knowing about cryptocurrencies can possess the cryptocurrency value when he hold a paper wallet with the coins.

Good lucks to you all.


Hello and Welcome to the forum! Great to know your already part of the Cardano community :slight_smile: i agree with you, Cardano is the future. All the best and good luck to you too

Welcome to the community