Identify Enterprise Address

Hello everyone,
Is there a way to identify if an address is an enterprise address or not from just the address. I checked the blockfrost api to see if the detailed information could work. I’m not necessarily stuck to a specific api and would prefer a solution in bash anyways.

I don’t think just checking if there’s a stake key will work. I have been able to create wallet addresses without a stake key.

Would I be able to assume that any address that doesn’t start with addr is an enterprise address? Or is there a calculation I can do to check.


Addresses without a stake key are enterprise addresses. So, the short ones are enterprise addresses, the long ones are ”normal” addresses.

You have created an enterprise address there.

Addresses that start with Ddz or Ae2 are Byron-era addresses. Since that was before staking was possible, the distinction does not really make sense there. Or you could consider all of them enterprise addresses. As you wish.

More about addresses can be found in:

From the header bits at and the Bech32 encoding table at you can also deduce that the type of address can be seen by the first character after addr1:

Start of address Header bits Payment part Stake part
addr1q 0000 Key hash Key hash
addr1z 0001 Script hash Key hash
addr1y 0010 Key hash Script hash
addr1x 0011 Script hash Script hash
addr1g 0100 Key hash Pointer
addr12 0101 Script hash Pointer
addr1v 0110 Key hash
addr1w 0111 Script hash

In the wild, I have never seen pointer addresses. And scripts as stake parts are also quite rare. So, you’ll mostly see addr1q, addr1z, addr1v, and addr1w on the chain, where addr1v are the ones usually called enterprise addresses.