If not Cardano, then what?

Hello you awesome community!

I am ALL IN on Cardano.
However, I would like to diversify my portfolio.

But after being so indulged in Cardano, I can’t seem to find any other project worthy of a long-term investment.

What other projects are you guys confident about, besides Cardano?
With strong fundamentals and a solid team.



Hi and welcome. Nothing I have seen even comes close. I bought some other coins when I first got into the space about 1 year ago but of late I have only purchased ADA. Best of luck to you and read what some of the worlds best investors think about diversification. Cheers!

I’m mostly all in on Cardano as well.

Chia looked interesting to me:


Same guy who created bittorrent.

I don’t believe they have had their IPO or have coins available yet but I’m keeping an eye on it.

If you want something different try ADA. Much better than Cardano !!!


I believe there is room for many different projects with different purposes. Cardano may be the best to serve as a currency and platform for business. Zcash may be the best for anonymity. Enigma for secret contracts. Siacoin for data storage. Ambrosus for food supply chain. IOTA for Internet of Things. And so on…
Just like on the internet Google has its niche, Amazon has its niche, Microsoft has its niche, with blockchain will be similar

You really should diversify. This is a great project, there are other similar projects - i.e. other smart contract platforms. And there are quite different projects e.g. supply chain management and privacy coins. So if you want to diversify across all of crypto, then you should put some funds in different sectors. But if you are only interested in SC platforms, then find other projects that are in the same sector.

I think Ripple is doing amazing work with XRP. Please don’t hate me :wink:

@Filosof302 Charles has already praised Ripple technology. In fact, Charles has already praised many projects, I consider this very important for a CEO (knowing that there are competent people in this space). Daniel Larimer (EOS) on the other hand thinks “I’m the only one who knows everything and the rest is garbage”.

There are good projects out there and the market is not always rational. This is why I’m not “all-in” in just one project. Diversification is an intelligent option. But as I believe a lot in Cardano, it’s my top 1 investment, I have more ADA than Bitcoin