If Walmart colaborates with Cardano

In this imagined story, not only Walmart but also any company who want to incentivize people accept their new cryptocurrency. This scenario can bring so much benefit to them. Let’s suppose Walmart colaborate with Cardano and introduce ADA to the customers like this.

News on 2019-Jan, the 11th

On the 10th birthday of Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper about Bitcoin, a subpaper about cryptocurrencies written by Idea Nakamoto was sent to the CEO of Walmart.

The subpaper can be found here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5064831.0 (Paperization of cryptocurrencies as Giftdrop: a short-cut to the daily life)

Finally, Walmart decided to colaborate with Cardano dev. team and run a giftdrop campaign with ADA coin for customers as bonus for their expense at Walmart.

For every bill of shopping at Walmart, a customer can recieve an amount of ADA equal to 1% of the total expense. The receipt is printed together with an ADA giftdrop paper wallet’s private key(covered by void-label). The bonus ADA coins are sent to the giftdrop paper wallet through its public address.

Figure of Illustration: a paper wallet with Public Address to receive and Private Key to restore the whole control.

Figure of Illustration: the customers scratch out the void label to get the Private Key of the giftdrop paper wallet.

With this giftdrop campaign of Walmart, people without knowing anything about cryptocurrencies can all possess ADA coins in their hands. As the result of this fact, ten thousands of people rushed to Wallmart to join the shopping ADA day.

News on 2019-Feb, the 11th

After only one month since the first giftdrop campaign of ADA coin by Walmart and Cardano, Coin Marketcap’s data shows that the daily volume of ADA coin increased 26 folds. This coin attracts millions of people around the world either to invest to ADA coin or to simply increase their expense at Walmart to get bonus ADA coin as giftdrop.

In the next plan of Walmart, ADA coin can be used as a direct payment medium at Walmart. There is still no clear answer for the question about the law issues on this plan. However, in a very short time, ADA coin surpasses Bitcoin and makes all kinds of people to learn about cryptocurrencies. The mooning of ADA is considered as the skyrocket ignition of a bullish market in 2019. ADA is now ranked the 1st position followed by the old king Bitcoin.

People talk about cryptocurrencies everywhere. Google Trend Data shows that the interest about cryptocurrencies increases incredibly in the last 3 weeks. And ADA is the new king of cryptocurrencies in Q1 2019.

Thanks for your reading my dreaming writing. Anyway, this is a dream of practical and simple solution that I wish to contribute to the development of cryptocurrencies. Paperization of cryptocurrencies is surely a certain trend. Because cryptocurrencies will not just only exist online but also neccessarily offline. And the paper wallets are the vital answer.

2018-Nov, 13th

Idea Nakamoto


This would surely increase the use of cryptocurrency, would take a huge amount of investment to ensure it was done right though cause you would absolutely have to delegate some Ada to the percentage of the invoice and the redeemable paper wallet and that would be an insane amount, rewards in the dollar format are not assigned by key and that is why a dollar reward scheme will continue to benefit retailers, but it could be done through other redemption keys and BOOM crypto adoption spreads :slight_smile:
Would actually be kind of cool to see someone earn crypto rewards while buying that proverbial cup of coffee, maybe someone here knows a business owner that would be willing to test the adoption process :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reading Haskell.

Let’s take another, this is me and my small company named Organic Cosmetics.

In 2017, I thought of making an ICO. Imagine that I created a coin name COS.

For every customer who buy from me 1 USD value in products, I give them 1 COS in giftdrop paper wallet. 1 COS = 0.01 USD.

Ie. You buy Organic Cosmetics for 1000 USD, you have 1000 COS, which is equal to 10 USD. The giftdrop COS paper wallet is like coupons.

The customer can take the COS coins from the giftdrop paper wallet they recieve and accumulate it. Or they can come back to me, exchange for cash or use COS to buy my cosmetics.

Eventually, COS becomes my system’s cryptocurrency. My company is the exchange of COS coin. My customers are the community. They can mine COS with me to make it decentralized. The COS I gave them in giftdrop campaign was pre-mined coins.

One day, I list COS on other public exchanges to spread out the community, as well as my business. I also stop the giftdrop campaign and let the market Demand-Supply decide the COS price.

And that is the way a cryptocurrency should say hello to the world. Which team do this first gets advantages.

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You should have pitched this idea in 2014, you would have been well recieved :wink:

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Yeah. But when the market was bullish, we were busy with enjoying riding price and did not care about practical application.

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Great idea, it’s to bad that Cardano isn’t focussing in securing collaborations with major companies or governments. Hope this idea will wake somebody up somewhere who also has the influence to act

I think when the tech is completed, Cardano will have partnership with giant bosses in the world.
Ripple could do that because their tech was poor. XRP is centralized.