Impact on the community


Like many Cardano investors, I’ve been watching the Sundae Swap launch with great interest and high expectations. The Sundae Swap team did make it clear that people using their Dapp would experience long delays and that was one of the reasons I decided to stay on the sidelines until things calmed down.

What wasn’t mentioned or acknowleged was the impact that Sundae Swap would have on the wider ecosystem, impacting people not involved in the launch. From my situation, I’ve not been able to access my funds due to network issues since SS started. Based on this experience, I have two questions for the community:

  1. are other ada holders not involved in Sundae Swap experiencing lack of access to their funds in the same way as I’ve described?

  2. if so, is it really acceptable for one Dapp to cause this much disruption and should Dapps be prevented from launching unitl the talked-about speed improvements have been implemented?

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The launch of the ss will help to improve the network… with this such traffic the parameters will be adjusted step by step… have patience


PS: I don’t have an issue to access my funds on yoroi and perform transactions