Inability to get my funds in my crypto wallet

Pardon me for my mistake if I may commit any .

Hello Sir , I want to draw your attention to a transaction of mine which was conducted from Binance exchange to my trust wallet through cardano network. While transferring my funds from binance to cardano in my trust wallet I provided the cardano network address but to my display the tokens sent from Binance did not land in my trust wallet and were rather shifted to controlled stake key wallet address. I was aware of this till I went through cardano scan to verify my transaction details . Can anyone plz guide me through the process of recieving my tokens to my wallet address instead of being held in that controlled stake key. Thanks in advance for the help . Regards Rohit Patial

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Can you please post the transaction id?

Sure Sir ,
This is my transaction Id

Tokens cannot be “shifted” to a stake key/address. Almost all addresses in wallet apps always belong to a stake and that is what Cardanoscan displays. So, that is not the reason you can’t see them in your wallet app.

If Cardanoscan shows them on your stake address that is already a good sign. Probably the wallet app only has some synchronisation issues or something like that. Which wallet app is it?

It’s trust wallet Sir …Even though I have made a transaction through the Cardano chain network itself still it is stuck there …

Trust wallet is famous for not being very reliable regarding Cardano.

This transaction is not stuck. That transaction has some outputs to different users (as is usual for withdrawals from exchanges). Is this one yours?

You can try to restore the wallet in another wallet app with your 12 word seed phrase. I’d recommend Eternl or Typhon. Links to their sites can be found on

Yes Sir that is my ADA wallet address for receiving the tokens in the trust wallet app. Will transferring my wallet to another wallet help me get my coins? What if I again move back to my trust wallet after closing the newly created cardano wallet. Will the coins show in my trust wallet again ?

The ADA are in your wallet.

A wallet is on the blockchain. It is (mostly) independent of the wallet app you use.

You do not have to create a new wallet or move anything. You can just import the same wallet in another wallet app.

And you will have to do that as long as Trust wallet does not synchronise properly. You cannot move or access the ADA unless either Trust wallet synchronises what is already reality on the blockchain or you use another wallet app to control that same wallet.

If you want, you can also wait if Trust wallet will finally start to work again. As you can see on Adastat and Cardanoscan, your ADA are fine. But I would really advise against using Trust wallet for Cardano.

I am highly obliged for the prompt response given to my query . I would take care not to undertake any cardano transaction with trust wallet hereafter .
Regards Dr Rohit Patial