Inconsistent reward withdrawal in Yoroi and Daedalus

the way rewards withdrawals are handled in Yoroi and Daedalus seem to be inconsistent:

  • In Yoroi, I can withdraw the rewards by paying a transaction fee, although the rewards remain in the same wallet. If I transfer any funds to another wallet, I have to withdraw the rewards beforehand to my own wallet (sic) - otherwise I don’t have access to them.
  • In Daedalus, I was able to withdraw the full wallet value including the rewards to another wallet - by paying only one transaction fee.
  • Besides: very unclear on which addresses my rewards are accounted for as this is not visible in any of those two wallets.

While in Yoroi, I can undelegate my wallet to retrieve by 2 ADA deposit, this is not possible in Daedalus (yet).

It is not clear to me why the functionalities linked to processes which seem to be part of the blockchain implementation - are not identical in two different wallet implementations.

Generally, I find that upcoming features and timeline for the wallet releases are not transparent at all. I wonder where this information is hidden … nothing to be found neither on Yoroi or Daedalus websites.

Any enlightening information/comments on this ?


Keep in mind, the protocol provides the followings:

  1. Reward address is an account style address and not an utxo style.
  2. At the moment a valid tx requires at least one UtXO as input, therefore fees.
  3. Atm, any valid payment address can be turned to an utxo.
  4. Reward claim tx needs an utxo as input and a payment address as output.

But, it depends on the wallet implementation what address is used for the target address (that became an UtxO) of the reward claim. So, there is no such thing like protocol inconsistency, but different implementation of what the protocol provides. For example, Yoroi allows only the wallet’s address as target, while Daedalus allows an other wallet’s address. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

OK, many thanks for the clarification. Looking at Cardano Explorer did help as well :slight_smile:

So it matches with my initial remark that there is a difference in implementation between Yoroi and Daedalus. In Daedalus a transaction can include at the same time the withdrawal of the rewards (for one tx fee), while in Yoroi this has to be done via a separate transaction. So on Yoroi I pay double for the same outcome. That’s what I would call an inconsistency between wallet implementation. I guess Yoroi should offer to include reward transfers when doing a transaction.
Undelegating in Daedalus will certainly appear at some point, I guess.

Cheers !

Others might call it diversity of choice… :grinning: