Transfer Rewards to Wallet

Hi everyone,

I need help please.
I made a withdraw of all my rewards from a staking pool. I’m still registered to the staking pool. When doing a withdraw I thought the rewards will go back automatically to my wallet. No the rewards have been transferred to an address. What is this address ? Now the question how I transfer those rewards from this address to my wallet (internal address wallet). Cause I don’t see them in my dashboard (Yoroi wallet).
Will really appreciate your help.

Thank you


How did you do the withdraw - through Yoroi?

Imposible, if u go in Yoroi to rewards - withdraw then the rewards will be added to the balance (no transactions history shown)

I did this many times

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Yes, through Yoroi

Here’s the transaction details (Screenshot attached). I don’t see any rewards transferred in my balance, The original balance stayed the same. The reward amount I withdraw is 3.64 ada. Just to test the withdraw. But no reward is in my wallet. It gets pushed to the address as per the screenshot.

I did it by clicking in the button Withdraw in the dashboard using Firefox extention.

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Athos1111 Did you get your withdrawal of rewards sorted out. So many scams linked with staking. Its impossible to know whether you are dealing with the real website or a scammer.

Hi Jeff,

I don’t think the staking pool is a scam. The Staking pool is: Polar Cardano Canada.
Here’s the address:

Their Website is:

The rewards as of now never gets transferred to my wallet after 3 weeks.

Now I’m just scared if I undelegate all my ADAs from the staking pool, they get transferred to an address rather than my wallet.

Thank you

Here’re the details in the screenshot:
I withdraw the rewards only in order to test it’s working for the amount of: 3.64
There was some fees then remaining available is: 3.29. So those 3.29 ADA never get transferred to my wallet.

How do u know ?
Here u can find all old an updated balance (rewards) for each epoch
As u can see the reward has been added to the balance

Dear Chahid,
I was able to verify the validity of my Yoroi wallet and able to transfer some ADA back to my wallet here in Australia. Much relieved by that but have not tried to claim any staking rewards. Hope the help team can resolve your problem. Peace and prosperity be kind to you dear friend.

Thank you very much Jeff. Same to you my friend.

Hi Alex,

Right, and I still see that the rewards are added to my own balance too in my wallet as I did not de-register from the pool. The only issue is when I have withdrawn my rewards (only) from the pool 4 weeks back, they get transferred to an address that I don’t know what is it. Do you think if I de-register completely from the pool they will get transferred with all balance to my wallet ? or only the remaining balance will be transferred to my wallet ?

Thank you

This part I don’t get it

Sorry to jump in, but how do I get my reward in Daedalus? I thought it was automatic

and It isn’t ?

Check the daedalus wallet on

Do u see any available rewards?

Rewards Withdrawn

Rewards Available

Is the reward sent automatically?
I’ll have a look thank you.

your wallet generates new addresses for each new transaction. These addresses belong to you and to your wallet. No issues here that I can see. it’s perfectly normal.

I have seen the reward available, specifically for 2 different wallets, but the auto withdraw didn’t happen.
How can I do it from Daedalus? I have the version 4.0.5, and it says that there is the auto withdraw, but no button to click if you want/need to do it manually.

check the address from daedalus on
check if u see the rewards withdrawn or available