Incorrect Value During Send ADA From Yoroi & Ledger

I’m holding my ADA on Ledger with Yoroi extension. Today I wanted to send coins to Binance. I wanted to sent 10 ADA by Yoroi extension, I choosed address and typed value 10 ADA, on ledger I confirmed that value, but in later step Ledger displays me bigger number. I don’t want to confirm that because it’s not true, I want to send 10 coins, not 2000+. Look at attached screenshot. Please explain me what happened, Is this issue on ledger/cardano app or maybe I don’t understand clearly something?

As long as the destination address is correct, everything works as intended.

Cardano uses e-utxo model which causes this internal transaction.

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It’s like when u are buying a 1$ product with 20$, u pay 1$ with 20$ and u will receive 19$ back

Thank you guys for clarrification. I successfully moved my ADA from Yoroi to exchange :wink: