Initial Deposit did not arrive and no wallet created.. where's the money?

Initial Deposit did not arrive and no account or wallet was created… Where are the tokens and where is the BTC I sent to buy tokens?

Address: 13xzhdBLQgwm4orhRfYq1GEhdJDFh3LLto
Transaction hash: 7fcc2ccae82b9099c7aa413bbff9d428aebcc0a4bd292745f10b51d135faab03
Operation ID: a6d56789-0f17-47cb-8d9c-8ecceb6d09a8
Date Created (-05): 19/01/2018, 22:12:23
Date Updated (-05): 19/01/2018, 22:45:13

Why is there not an account creation before requesting funding… How do you know who sends what?
EDITED: Additionally, I’ve had the “waiting on your deposit” screen up for a couple hours… and I keep checking the Deposits & Transactions and nothing changes except those timers restart every time I refresh the page. Sure looks like a dummy page to me. I hope I didn’t get scammed for over a hundred bucks.

Hi @Ron_Hayward,

Could you please give the community more details as to what you were trying to do and on which exchange?
My guess is that you wanted to buy some ADA? If that is the case, did you convert your BTC to ADA on a exchange?
The address you shared above is a Bitcoin address, not a ADA address.

Did you install the Daedalus Wallet as advised on the Cardano homepage?




Thank you for your reply. I followed instructions on the screen… Simple 3 step process where #1 was to send Bitcoin to a generated address, #2 it would show up on transaction list, and #3 it would create an anonymous wallet with ADA at the intro rate.

Here are the various prints I got along the way…


What site is this?

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Thank you. Could you please confirm the following as it’s not clear:

  1. Which site is it?
  2. What were you trying to achieve? Buy some ADA?
  3. Is it one of the exchanges listed on the official Cardano website

In all honesty, it doesn’t look like one of these referenced sites above, and it is possible it is a scam.

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I just did a google search to buy Cardano and it was near top of list. Buying by recommendation of article in e-magazine.

I use HitBTC and it’s not listed there yet. I sent BTCs for ADAs.

Guys what do you think? I am not optimistic.

Hi @io_jeremy @IOHK_Richard, I have never heard of this website selling ADAs, and I might be completely wrong but it is possible that it’s a scam.

Did you hear of it ? ( I am not putting the whole link obviously for security reasons)

This looks like a scam.

Yes, most likely.

@Ron_Hayward Sorry Ron. Always check first on the official Cardano website that you are buying ADA from a legit exchange… I would suggest Binance as it has the cheaper fees (0.1%) and no verification needed up to 2BTC deposits. Here is the official link:

Good luck !

Very sad… gonna put them on Rip-off Report now… are there any other avenues tom pursue?

The most widely used exchanges to buy ADA in English are and

Here is a comparison I posted between the 2, as well as a list of advices

I’m gonna take it as a bad omen… sorry, but Cardano just left a nasty taste in my mouth.

Please do more research before you buy ANY other coin. Google’s algorithm is pretty simple to trick, short term, so using search results as a ranking system is a terrible idea. Look up the reputable exchanges and at least make your loss a learning experience instead of trying to blame the coin you were trying to buy. Just my 2¢… sorry for your loss.


You got tricked. It could have been any other cryptocurrency.

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Yeah… it wasn’t a cheap lesson, but it was a good one. And one of my hobbies is crusading, so I’ll dabble in tracking them anyway, when I have moments to play. With work order platforms like Latium, its possible to create a little havoc in their lives as well. All’s fair in the game of life…

And as far as Cardano, it’s not at fault. Fine coinage… Scammers take advantage of others success, so it’s a good sign for the currency.

It looks like is the only thing they have set up. If you go to, you’ll see BCH and Monero listed also, but not clickable.

The rest of the information on the page is complete BS. I don’t know if this person used their real info for the domain registration or if info belongs to a real person who has nothing to do with the scam.

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Hi guys, I have reported to both the domain registrant:

and the hosting provider:

Both reduired evidence that this site is a scam so I sent them a link to this thread and also a link to the Youtube video by Fresno Hills.

If you guys also want to send some emails to both to report and request the site is taken down that would be really helpful. @Ron_Hayward perhaps you can provide both with evidence that you lost money?


Thanks for the screenshot. All this contact information is fake. I am french so I called them just to double check, and it turns out that the phone number is a doctor’s office, while the address is wrong as well (postal code for Charente Maritime starts with 17*** and not 28). Goes without saying that the street doesn’t exist neither.

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