22.1.18 Possible scam alert http://cardano.instacoin.exchange


We believe that http://cardano.instacoin.exchange is a scam as people have lost money.

See thread here.

Please be very careful.


Make these kinds of alerts sticky so they always show up top, regardless of how long it’s been. Or please add another forum category - “Cardano scams/fraud” and pin them all there as well. Scams/fraud is gonna become more rampant as the project gets further along and garners success. Ironically, that’s a compliment to Cardano - because one can only and would only want to scam/copycat something of real value. Thanks for posting and not allowing people to be sheep for the shearing.



Surrounding the URL with back ticks will help disable it like http://example.com; probably would be a slight safety improvement


Thanks @chauey :slight_smile: Done!


http://cardano.instacoin.exchange/ is now down!


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