Installing and update Cabal

Hi everyone,

I am doing the Stake Pool course and I am stuck in one step, I am missing something…

On the link below there is the video that I am following, the instructor in the beginning is installing the dependencies in 2 different terminals one on the AWS terminal and the virtual Box terminal.

After minute 3:23 he is working on a different terminal, Ubuntu@IP-172…18 (please check the video to understand better what I trying to explain)

My question is: Where exactly do I have to access to install Cabal, GHC etc… and how do I access.

Thanks for the help


according to the guide it will be installed here ~/.local/bin/

Thank you for a quick reply, really appreciate it.

I do have a bin folder in my AWS terminal [ec2-user@ip-myIP .local].

Is it here where I do have to install the rest of the dependencies?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


just follow the guide.

Yes, this is what I am trying to do, as web developer I am used to read documentation and code along with tutorials but in this case there is a tiny part that is not being explained and I have no idea to move forward,

But thanks anyway :slight_smile: