Help with installing Cardano node

Does anyone want to help me set up my Cardano Node? I am really struggling to get it done. I have followed the video and the “Installing a Cardano node” page so many times its not funny. I think I have created the same files over and over in different directories? Anyways, I get to the step in the video where he enters the Cardano-node run but for me it always has an error and it can be plethora of different errors. (mostly that there is a file missing or something.) I am using a Mac computer with Ubuntu running in virtual box. Please help!! I am so lost. Ideally you would have Teamviewer and I can show you what I am doing. I don’t want someone to just do it for me, I would like to to learn it.


Can u try my topic… how to install
Make a clean reinstall and try it, it should work like a charm :slight_smile:


I am half way through reinstalling everything. Hoping it works. but I have also done this a couple of times now so I am not very optimistic about it. Ill let you know.
Also, which one? You have a lot listed.
thanks mate

Yeah its not working still. I think it is because I dont believe I have a .local/bin directory. I cant be 100% sure though. Whenever I go to check (As in the echo $PATH) it does this;