Installing Daedalus on linux

I’m running Linux Mint 18.1 and trying to install the Linux version of Daedalus.

I try running bash daedalus-0.12.0-etc.bin as described in the instructions but I’m getting the following error:

../run: line 1: ./nix/store/ks8wna5mcndwn7h9r973vwx3m2f5i7lw-startup: No such file or directory

I have nix installed too, path points to ~/.nix-profile/bin though.

Appreciate any help

Had the same issue on the latest Linux wallet. The file was actually missing from the nix/store (~/.cache/tmpx-2979a896acc5a123/dat/nix/store in my case). It appears my first installation was interrupted and had never extracted properly. But subsequent runs were finding the unfinished extraction and skipped this step.
Solution: clear your installation cache (under ~/.cache/tmpx-XXX) and run the deadalus bin again

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Thank you! This was exactly the issue