Installation linux mint daedalus does not fully do

hi, I tried to install daedalus (the newest bin from cardano for installation under linux (i renamed the installation file “daedalus.bin”) . here is what i got after executing the bin:
I am not sure, if the installation is fully completed, but it did not go any further than that. and I still dont know how to start daedalus now…, because I think, the installation is not complete and I can not find the program, even there is something or halve of it installed. can you help? (unfortunately, I can execute the bin file only in the su modus. executing the bin file as its one, even after making it a executable file, does not work, no permission).
as you can see in the link above, the installation ends with the line "+ cat /nix/store/n5rqss8ilnwnxxfyhs398flqhbvmsgjw-Daedalus.desktop/share/applications/Daedalus.desktop
root@andipepino-TravelMate-P245-M:/home/andipepino# " and a blinking cursor behind that line. thats it. nothing more. what can I do to fully install the daedalus bin installation file?

You would not want to be installing Daedalus as root.
Also, it seems that you have nix pre-installed in multi-user mode, which might cause issues unless you update build-users-group in /etc/nix/nix.conf.