Installing Daedalus - WebRoot immediately blocks claiming W32 trojan (W64 version)

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to install the Win64 Daedalus wallet from the site, but each time it is immediately flagged and blocked by Webroot Antivirus claiming it has a trojan embedded in it (W32.Trojan.Gen is the exact flag).

I put a tech support ticket in at the site but no reply for a couple days so wanted to post here and see if other people had run into this. I’m unclear if this is an errant flag but none of the other nodes/wallets I’ve installed were flagged so for now I’m holding off to see if the download was in fact compromised or if it can be otherwise resolved.
Even if it’s incorrectly being flagged, the install code needs to be fixed to avoid triggering Webroot given that it would immediately block anyone trying to install at this point which doesn’t help the goal of mass adoption.

Thanks for any info!

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I just read in the technical update for end of December under support issues this:

Antivirus related issues

So hopefully dev is aware of these issues and will resolve shortly.