Trojan horse in daedalus wallet installer?


why does my panda antivirus say the daedalus installer contains a trojan horse?

W32.Trojan.Gen Virus total Web Root gives result for Deadalus from official website

False positive? Or someone has acces to your computer?


All the networking raises flags. We have been whitelisted by a number of the companies, but I do not know about Panda.


Same problem here. My Bitdefender flagged Daedalus’s uninstall.exe as a threat.

More information.
OS = Windows 10
Daedalus version 1.0.3769.
Name of threat: Zum.Androm.1

Do I need to be concern?


I also got a Trojan notification with Webroot Security, is it really safe to download? Is there another location to download the wallet that may be safer?


The wallet download may throw a false positive. Just be sure to only download from the official location

Would it be a good idea for IOHK to provide signature hashes for the downloads? Just a thought.