Trojan horse in daedalus wallet installer?

why does my panda antivirus say the daedalus installer contains a trojan horse?

False positive? Or someone has acces to your computer?

All the networking raises flags. We have been whitelisted by a number of the companies, but I do not know about Panda.

Same problem here. My Bitdefender flagged Daedalus’s uninstall.exe as a threat.

More information.
OS = Windows 10
Daedalus version 1.0.3769.
Name of threat: Zum.Androm.1

Do I need to be concern?

I also got a Trojan notification with Webroot Security, is it really safe to download? Is there another location to download the wallet that may be safer?

The wallet download may throw a false positive. Just be sure to only download from the official location

Would it be a good idea for IOHK to provide signature hashes for the downloads? Just a thought.