Integrating Blockchain (Cardano) into my Construction Business

Hi my name is Levi, I live in Indiana. I am the owner of a general contracting construction company. I want to know where and how to start integrating the blockchain into my business? How can the blockchain help me run and operate my business?

Thanks in advance for any input,
Levi Aberle
Fortified Buildings LLC

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I am somewhat of a newbie but I believe you can tool around with Marlowe Playground and make smart contracts. You may want to youtube and google specific questions. Really trying to learn more and more everyday.

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I just don’t know where to start at all! I know blockchain is the future I just want to know how I can use it in my everyday life. How for example could a smart contact help me?


I work for a mid size commercial outfit. I have been wondering how to integrate blockchain as well. I am speaking with EMURGO (part of IOHK) to start the process. They are the branch that works with enterprises apparently to develope such processes. Seems like smart contracts should easily apply to AEC industry.

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I’m in the construction claims consulting industry and can see the potential for smart contracts and blockchain. As I’ve seen in other forums, the subjective factors of work being completed (e.g. subcontractor working for a general contractor) or not is sometimes disputed and work still require the human factor. Here’s the link to the reddit forum:

That being said, with Common Data Environments (CDEs) on the rise from vendors like Autodesk and Procore, it’s only a matter of time before they integrate blockchain features. A partnership between Autodesk, DocuSign, and Cardano would be phenomenal.

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The recent advances of Autodesk are great, but the word great isn’t applicable to the pricing policies of Autodesk. There’s one solution though. Here you can buy used CAD software products