Cardano Based Applications & Smart Contracts for the Construction Industry

I am a General Contractor in the United States and have used a centralized product called Procore for which we pay a great deal of money for.

I am interested in working with a Developer to develop such a software on Cardano’s Blockchain with their smart contracts.

I am obviously not a computer science major, mathematician, nor programmer, but I do have enough sense to know that this will definitely be needed in my industry within the next several years.


Hi LuxRenoFL,

Thanks for posting and I’ve been working on insurance contracts/apps for the construction industry. I’m familiar with procore as well.
I’m not a developer either but I know quite a few here in the community and would like to make some introductions.

Feel free to send me a direct message if you’d like.

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Interesting, it appears to be a very complex piece of software. If I may ask, specifically what layers/features of Procore do you believe would be improved, or even better made obsolete, by the use of a smart-contracts/blockchain?
I asked this because I spent over a decade writing software (CRMs and web/mobile applications) and I found out that there are many things that simply are not necessary to re-invent, or made fit into a complex architecture as the blockchain.

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I must admit that my knowledge of block chain, on chain & off chain applications and the inter operability is very limited. My thought process was to automate the entire process from point of RFQ submission, project presentation, project award, contract award, supply chain management, logistics, permitting, mep drafting conflict resolution, construction documentation, scheduling, peer to peer payment, rfi, inspections and work orders. Basically to add the necessary aspects of the construction process / CRM and combine them in an on chain / off chain manner with smart contract automation and peer to peer payment in a more efficient and cost effective manner than currently offered with a centralized manual expensive system.

Hi QuasarChains, thank you. I would like to take you up on that offer. I submitted a reply stating my thoughts and initial intent. I’m just attempting to validate the feasibility and possible future necessity of the idea.

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Happy to chat more. I have helped developed software solutions for procore and more recently have helped a number of Cardano projects in developing the core Plutus/Haskell technology. Would love to hear more about your idea - please email me at