Interest in Protocols data

Please! Could anybody tell where could I find data about exiting platforms
Etherium, cardano, eos, traxia …

My interest is to know how many people are actually using those platforms

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User adoption is not easy to quantify, this PDF could help get you started: Hileman & Rauchs. Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study (2017). Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance. Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge.


Yeah it’s very difficult subject as there is no metrics for that
I read in an article sometime ago that etherium was used by 400 people, bancor 300 … if that is true, the numbers are quite depressing

Depressing or the beginning.

W. Dai, “b-money,”, 1998.

Of course that as we are in early stages, yet need some data

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Very interesting, if i ask is because i m interested, hugely interested in Blockchain and i really understand the power it has, for the first time we may have something that could free us … this is why i want to know if there is use or not which means if a society we are prepared or not


The pdf @Jotunn linked sites 5.8 million active wallets, pretty good number on the lower end if you ask me.

I have been looking at the use of blockchain technology and not the amount of users, fintech has been the main focus in the industry and generally has seemed to make the most progress, that sector is confusing to me and it becomes difficult to understand how much freedom those applications offer the majority of the world population, if you take Traxia as an example as the first project on Cardano it is a financial application that is not really going to get used by the people we cross paths with every day although no doubt it will offer a good solution for people that can wrap their head around it.

Prepared or not blockchain solutions are going to continue to be developed, hopefully more real world use cases get simplified so that a user does not have to understand the software but can just rely on a trustless reliable network that cannot be tampered with by bad actors.


Absolutely, 100% agreed

This is the key of this thing, we must creat system that can be used in real world but on top of blockchain, used by people without even give importance to the blockchain, nor seeking decentralisation, just for the qualities of the system and what it offers as product/ service

For me this is what would drive massadoption, in 2 years I suspect the majority of project in blockchain will be fintech

:face_vomiting: fintech

I think the fintech turns people off to blockchain, why would a flower shop owner care about Ripple Labs working on cross boarder payments? the majority of the news people are subject to when they research blockchain technology is surrounding fintech/trading/investing and it is always summed up as major speculation in cryptocurrency, it takes many many hours of sorting to find some of the very useful applications that the regular joe would find interesting, or the mainstreet shop owner might find beneficial to spend the time to understand how to incorporate it into their business model.

oldcryptogeek is looking around on tg for a developer interested in building out on the platform

I am looking for developers to work on a new mobile app that will integrate with Cardano. The goal is to connect users across the world and foster an economic system of exchange and commerce based on Cardano’s native currency, ADA. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you are passionate about these goals.

I think if apps like this are user friendly then it will be easier to introduce people to the ecosystem, etsy comes to mind as a ecosystem that had humble beginnings and is now out of control (in a good way), when etsy first rolled out it was largely just supported by its community of craftperson’s and now it holds international trust as a sellers platform.

It is a good time to build out on the Cardano platform, takes time to organize a project and shelley is coming.