Internet Capabilities and Requirements for Daedalus Mainnet

Greetings! Myself and several friends work in remote forestry camps in Northern British Columbia Canada, and we have extremely limited access to cell tower connection and wifi while in our camps. We will be remote for at least 3 months starting May, and apparently we have wifi provided to us in camp. However, I am skeptical of it’s functionality, as over 60 people could be using it at any given time.

Can anyone help me to understand what internet requirements daedalus has and how to check with my employer about his wifi choices? We want to be active in voting and monitoring our stakepool rewards.

Many thanks in advance! Too bad we don’t have 5-G in the wasps or pine trees yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


U can easilly import daedalus wallet into yoroi and use it this period; Yoroi chrome extension supports these functions,

Also u can use yoroi for mobile to track ur rewards (no voting available for the moment)

Be careful !!! There is a fake daedalus app for android !!! Do not install otherwise ur funds will be lost!


Yes I have heard about the fake daedalus app, thank you. I do not use chrome though!