Daedulus sync issues!

Hi guys
Ive been doing my first sync of Daedulus on my macbook pro and it has now been over 20 hours and its at 90%.
I was told it would take 1 hour!
Surely this isnt a feasible option going forward and needing to transact business on the daily.
Will all subsequent updates be like this? If so, then it will have to be Yoroi or hardware wallet, as this is just ridiculous!
I currently have over 200mbps broadband. Connected via wifi. Will it make much of a difference connecting via eth cable?

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Being a full node it will need to download the all/full database… using the eth cable can speed up the process

Thanks but youre not really telling me anything I’m not aware of already. Is this normal, is more what I’m asking?

Cada News, in fact, claim… “It will take you about 30 minutes in order to install, sync and start using it.”
Something’s not right here.

Doesnt really look like a valid solution thus far.
I suppose the big question is do I really want to put my ada into this wallet if this is the case.
No wonder people leave money on the exchange or forgo security with Yoroi.

Hello @donyeo

Did you check that you have enough room left on your HD/SSD. At the moment node is over 12 GB.
It is recommended to have minimum of 15 GB. If you are running it on same drive as your OS then you need at least 10 GB free in order not to slow down your regular processes.

Also, Wi-Fi has tendency to drop speeds a lot. Depending on your location / router, other usage, system usage. When I download very large files my speed can drop from 500 mbs to 3 mbs.

For comparison: when I updated my Daedalus on desktop with Ethernet cable it was less then 30 min. For my laptop on Wi-Fi it took almost an hour. Same internet connection / router.

Here are some tips to improve Wi-Fi reception. If that turns out to be an issue. :slight_smile:

Loads of space, SSD and now connected via ethernet cable and just the same. Wi-fi is solid anyway and is very consistent - averaging over 200mbps

Try to stop/closed the antivirus… it can help sometimes


Are you just updating Daedalus from 4.2.0 to 4.2.1, or is this your first install ever?

If it’s the first install ever, then it may take a long time. I heard some people say it took them a whole day.

Dont have any. Thanks.

First install/sync. Thanks.

If it has taken over 24 hours could that then mean it could be corrupted or there is an issue? What is the reason for it taking so long when others can do it in less than hour, thats what I’m asking here?

Perhaps the nodes to which u are connected to download the database…

But I remember that when I installed for the first date the node it took more than 24 hours… because the node/wallet needs to download all db (since epoch 1)
Just have patience

PS: there is a way to modify the nodes from where u are downloading the db… you should try… maybe it will work… I don’t know

Thanks buts its only 10gb in size, right?
Its been over 24 hours now and its at 97%.
This is starting to feel like a bit of a joke if Im honest.
I might just sell what I have instead.

Nope, I think there is more than 10G
U can check the size of the folder … should be ~30G if I remeber well

I cant even locate the contents folder - nothing in application support - what will it be listed as?

Daedalus state directory

The state directory is where Daedalus stores a user’s wallets, their settings and preferences, and a copy of the Cardano blockchain. The location of the state directory varies depending on the operating system:




/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Daedalus



This is totally my problem! Can someone solve it? I’ve even re-install the application and it runs the error message with not syncing with the time on my computer. I have tried everything.

that’s ridiculous.
you sounds like a drama queen anyway spreading around your anger here. (Take it personally.)

either u were bad informed (shit happens) or the problem sits in front of the machine.

Very slow recently.