Re-synching with the Network has taken over 2 weeks and counting

Recently upgraded (October 10th 2021) to v 4.4.1 Daedalus Wallet, and was taking forever to sych to 100%, so deleted all the old data and started fresh. Now Oct 27th and it has got to 98.60 % increasing by 0.01% every 2 hours. Constantly loses connection “Network connection lost - reconnecting” despite being on a LAN connection with stable broadband (so no WiFi issues). Then re-connects and adds a few %. Running on a very slow Windows 10 laptop with no other apps running. Is this a Node issue or rubbish laptop or rubbish wallet?. What can be done to speed this up. Have 8gb Ram BTW, Re-start the laptop every day to help things along, but verrrrrrry slow to synch.


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I believe it’s the laptop issue, Daedalus consumes a lot of resources and an old laptop may cause the delays because it can’t handle it and stop-restart the node

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I have always suspected that, typical Windows 10 consuming so many resources and eventually grinds a laptop to the ground. Is there a Browser equivalent for Chromebooks?