Intro to the Cardano project (Cannabis and homelessness)

Hello, I have been interested in Cardano for a few years -I just got into accumulating AVA last year and now I would like to get involved in the community.

I’m not sure how I can help out, but I am interested in learning about Cardano and seeing how applicable the applications within the ecosystem can intertwine into the physical world.

I am deeply involved in the cannabis industry. This is my main passion and interest. I also have involvement, on a local level, with nonprofits who work with the homeless. If there are any Cardano projects that could be intertwined with cannabis and/or homelessness I would love to discuss.



Hi , Patrick .I’m also working on thesame type of project. Message me and maybe we can collaborate.

Welcome Patrick. Apologies for the late reply. On behalf of everyone here at the Cardano Foundation we’re very happy to welcome you to our community.

I’d like to suggest joining some of our other channels such as Telegram to mingle and find other like-minded individuals if you haven’t done so already!

Let me know if you have any questions! Always here to help.