Introducing 35X Staking Pool

Hello everyone,

My name is James, I operate 35x Staking Pool, we are based in India. I have been involved in Cardano since 2017. 35x staking pool is now live on mainnet, please consider delegating to us.

Our pool is deployed on google cloud, 1 core (BP) and 2 relay servers with all security measures, plus bare metal system at home for support. Run on reliable infrastructure with enhanced security. Pool fee is fixed at 700 ADA only, which covers operational cost, 0% margin.

Pool details:
Name: 35x Staking Pool
Ticker: 35X
Pool Id: bd6bc05d7ca20d7adac9746cd6cb68acf88aa5d3c5fbf91e4fadbcc9
Fixed Fee: 700 ADA
Margin %: 0
Pledge: 70K ADA

telegram: @jam35x
telegram channel:
twitter: @35xpool