Introducing a new stake pool [ASK] - Ada Stay King

Hello everybody!

I’ve finally set up my pool. It took me about a month to go through all the steps, fine tune, register and make it stable.

If anybody experiencing any issues with setting their pools up, I would be more than happy to help.

My goal now is to reach at least 1M of stake to make the pool able to produce blocks and become an active member of the network.

The pool info:

Page: Ada Stay King
Name: Ada Stay King
Ticker: ASK
Pool ID: 8fac5e6c4503f0716e4823e8ed31aab7e247f71ed5ee122c90b5d0c0ccc9e42c

So, I would appreciate if you support me with your delegation and help my pool to be alive.

Thank you in advance and take care.

I hope you are patience. Most users cannot stake, re delegate or check their stake pools because they can’t connect. Until they fix it, you may be waiting a while.

Good job. Congrats!!

I am also learning to set the pool up and running also. Congrats for your pool running stably.

Thank to everybody!