Introducing AHLNET St₳ke Pool [AHL | NET]


Welcome to this introduction page for AHLNET.

Who am I?
My name is Ola, and I’m the operator of AHLNET St₳ke Pool. I have over 15 years of experience in IT management and deploying mission-critical servers in an air traffic control center in Sweden.

What drives AHLNET?
High-availability infrastructure run on powerful bare metal servers in Sweden with UPS backup for power outages. This way you are not putting all eggs in the basket of the VPS providers.

Hardware / OS:
AMD 3900X 12C/24T
128GB DDR4 3600Mhz
512GB NVMe storage
OPNSense router
Proxmox VPS/CT ​

A failover server is put in place that will take over either automatically based on monitoring or manually in need. This failover server is located in a different location in Sweden to make sure that even if there should be a massive power outage or isp issue on the main server location the pool will keep on making the blocks.

In addition to the failover server, three relay nodes are deployed in different locations used to spread blocks created by the pool/core node to the rest of the Cardano network.

I’m running Zabbix for IT infrastructure monitoring. It’s a very powerful tool to monitor the health of the system and to automatically take action and alert me if anything is wrong with the pool/servers. A push notification goes to the phone that triggers, if severe enough, an alarm that will fire any hour of the day.

​With this setup, I’m confident the pool will have very close to 100% uptime.

Why should you stake your ADA with AHLNET?
Now we arrived at the most important question in this introduction. With hundreds of pools to choose from it can be hard to know what to look for. My pools AHL and NET have competitive fees but this can be said for many. In my point of view, it comes down to what contributions to the Cardano ecosystem you want to support. Many community members and pool operators have really stepped up and delivered excellent support in the various support channels, built services and tools/guides to help pool operators set up and configure their systems. This can be seen as helping the competition but I rather see it as the better tools and services that are provided the stronger the whole community and network will be.

Some of the contributions I have provided to the larger community:

  • Support in the various stake pool operator channels
  • One of the major contributors to the tool called CNTools now used by many pool operators to set up and manage their pool. It’s a Guild Operators collaboration and more information can be found through this website:
    CNTools @ Guild Operators

Pool Details
Name: AHLNET #1
Ticker: AHL
ID: 0001a003afb844ce6d9409fc49e049db654a78dc77f1151cb6cd548f

Name: AHLNET #2
Ticker: NET
ID: 0001a00910e9e6ae309e0f216aa6669b9a711bc627c98cb66e8f11b0

Telegram: Pool Info / Private Message
Twitter: @olaahlman