Introducing Atlas Stake Pool [ATLAS]

  • Atlas Stake Pool

  • Ticker / pledge / fixed fee / variable fee ( ATLAS / 500000 / 340 / 1.8% )

  • Website

  • Contact

  • Pool ID / hash e6ac159ee8063742eadcb48be45f29d9a67b4158439070032f42d10c

  • Location Europe

  • Pool infrastructure We run four dedicated T2.medium AWS instances in different locations in Europe and the USA. One core, two relays, and one monitoring/backup server. All run on ubuntu 20.04. A detailed server architecture diagram is available on our web-page.

  • Pool redundancy All keys, certificates, and topo/config files are stored on three different encrypted offline media and can be spooled up to any relay or backup server to replace the core within minutes. The constant monitoring is key to a fast reaction here. This is addressed with Prometheus and Grafana monitoring software. Several metric alerts are set to trigger an alarm on our mobile devices should any undesired behavior arise, so we can act with no delay.

  • Operator experience As the technical engineer of Atlas Stake Pool I hold a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University Vienna and have 12 years of work experience in aviation.

  • Why should users check out your pool? We are dedicated to staying in the Cardano ecosystem for the long run. We believe in the vision the project was founded upon—to bank the unbanked and to give economic identity and possibilities to those who were kept from participating for too long now. It is our wholehearted belief that we as a community can change the world for the better, and by operating a stake pool we want to do our part in shouldering that task.

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Hi, ATLAS, nice meet you. I like ATLAS.

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Hello! We really like your name too. What a good match with our community. :wink:
We’d be happy to have you participate in our pool.
Let us know if you have any questions.

A little amendment to our previous introduction. The core node as well as the relays have all been upgraded to T2.Large ec2 instances. T2/T3 Unlimited: Enabled, GiB RAM.