Introducing [EDEN] Garden Pool

Garden Pool

Ticker Pledge Fixed Fee Variable Fee
EDEN 139 000 ADA 340 ADA 2 %

Pool ID/Hash: d5b90a198d2411b5c82fbdfee5f94b86de49a8589bfa7720b9de358f
Location: the United Kingdom

Pool Infrastructure
The pool infrastructure is set up with multiple relay and core nodes distributed across the globe with a dedicated cloud server for each one. Each server runs on 8GB RAM, 4vCPUs, 5TB of transfer with 1Gbps bandwidth (around 125MB/s), and a 160GB SSD storage. The cloud-based infrastructure allows easy scaling of the system if need be in the future.

Pool Redundancy:
Multiple relay nodes distributed across different regions provide the necessary redundancy for the relay system. If any of the relay nodes experiences downtime, there are multiple other ones that will ensure the pool system is still in sync with the network. That being said, the main producer node is accompanied by its own redundant counterpart. If the main producer goes down, the backup producer picks up the slack.

Operator Experience:
I am Damjan, a software developer working in the United Kingdom. Previously, I was involved in academic research, but have moved on to production. During the Incentivised Testnet, I was the operator of Fresco Pool and got to work closely with the Cardano nodes technologies. Following the ITN, I started creating videos on stake pool operations for the Shelley Testnets ( as well as building a Telegram community for helping new operators off the ground (

Why users should delegate to this pool:
My long term plans are to keep creating content regarding Cardano Stake Pools and supporting others via direct communication. The Cardano community was very welcoming to me when I got involved in 2018, and I want to do my part to keep that going. I am open to anyone who wants to talk anything Cardano-related. In addition to tutorial-content, I plan to have epoch recap videos/posts that will keep delegators informed on what’s going on with the stake pool and staking in general. If you’re interested in delegating to EDEN, join the Telegram group or follow me on Twitter!