Introducing Cardano Canucks [CANUK] - a staking pool for everyone

Hello Cardano Community!

We’re very excited to introduce the Cardano Canucks [CANUK] stake pool! We’re based in Canada and have been following Cardano since the beginning. We believe in a future where systems and innovation is decentralized, and that we’re at a time in history when we have the tools, technology and vision to make it happen. We are thrilled to be a part of this community of like-minded people, driven by the possibility of global change for the better.

Nuts and bolts:
Ticker: [CANUK]
Name: Cardano Canucks
ID: 4deb0ba979fe7af5a5a4896ef68cdae029ad116542555cb422f46348
Margin: 3.5%

To find out more about us and details about the pool, check us out:

We look forward to the next few exciting weeks as well as creating a dialogue with you, whether you’re a veteran who we can learn from, or you’re brand new and we can share whatever knowledge and experience we have.