Introducing CPU pool [CPU]

:speech_balloon: “If you possess stakeable cryptocurrency, I do recommend staking it. You will be earning a passive income for doing not much more than clicking on a button, and the yields are typically higher than traditional investments” - Shidan Gouran, Gulf Pearl founder

:globe_with_meridians: About the Cardano Pools United

Cardano Pools United is a collaboration of stake pools operators with the goal to contribute to the Cardano ecosystem by educating the people about Cardano blockchain and using our developer knowledge to develop the tools needed to make the delegation process informative and painless.
Our CPU pool is a non-profit pool representing the collaboration, that is used to pay for the infrastructure, the majority of profits are going towards charity donations.

:id: About the CPU pool

Official pool of Cardano Pools United collaboration. The part of the profits from this pool will be used to pay for the relays for the pools. CPU collaborators decided to donate the rest to charitable causes.

Every CPU collaboration pool owner/s has the right to choose where to donate next. That decision can also be made by our delegators. If you are a CPU collaboration pool delegator and would like us to help a specific charity, feel free to contact us.

:point_right: Why should you stake at the CPU pool?

  • collaboration of small stake pools and skilled pool operators :handshake:
  • non-profit pool, majority of profits goes straight to charities :reminder_ribbon:
  • member of Mission Driven Pools📃
  • loyalty program for delegators🎖
  • huge support from Cardano Foundation :rocket:

More information is available here Cardano Pools United (