Introducing Enchantress of Numbers

Hi All, please see our Stake Pool information below, we are small operation and are in need of some delegators please.

Our Website has some useful information about Ada Lovelace (lets not forget her), Cardano and delegation procedures to Stake (we have credited were possible, and has ongoing changes).

Name: Enchantress of Numbers
Ticker: AAL
Pledge: 25k
Margin: 5%
Fee: 340 ADA
Pool ID: 76c833843a4c47ffbeed365bac9ed6309922f06fce315a416bece290
Location: UK
Twitter: @Enchantress_AAL

Our Server Info:
Dell PowerEdge
2tb Raid 5
90Gb + Ram
Running Linux with Ubuntu 20.4 OS

Bit of an OverKill but its worth it.

Look forward to your support, if not for us then for other small operators…We NEED you.

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Hi @Enchantress_AAL ,

welcome to Cardano Forum. Hope that more delegators stake in your pool. Wish you a great day ahead! :coffee:

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Welcome! Just one critical hint.
Your Link to Adapools on the website is not directing to your pool:

“More info on”

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Hey Zwirny!

Thanks for the heads up, amending now!

Appreciate it :slight_smile:

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