Introducing Loco Ada [LOCO]

All aboard the ADA Train!

Ticker: LOCO
Name: Loco ADA
Pledge: 11,400 ADA
Live Stake: 249,500 ADA and growing
Fees: Minimum fixed fee (340 ADA) + 2%
Pool ID: 99541bed40b1015a1d81083184973b59a3f50bce4392492e99ff0bef
Listings: PoolTool ADAPools

LOCO is a secure, reliable, bare-metal stake pool with low fees.

Please support smaller staking pools now, we need your help!
Your support keeps operators engaged and helps the Cardano eco-system.
Don't get stuck in a saturated pool!

All profit after expenses will be added to my pledge.


I am a software/systems engineer with over 30 years experience in many different areas including health care and finance industry.
I became interested in Cardano back in 2017 and have been researching and following it ever since.
I participated in the Shelley incentivized testnet where I learned about delgation and how to run a stake pool.
Exciting times are upon us with the release of Shelley and I'm ready to mint blocks!


I worked very hard to put this stake pool together and I promise to do everything I can to keep it up and running 24/7.
I follow recommended security practices and I'm always looking for ways to improve security and performance.
I will provide progress updates on the pools performance and if issues arise I will provide detailed information.
I am always available to answer questions.


If you stake your ADA, you will earn a return on your investment.
Rewards are paid out every "epoch", or every five days.
Cardano addresses have separate keys for spending and staking.
If you decide to stake your ADA tokens, they will never leave your wallet.
Your tokens are not locked, you can un-stake or spend your tokens at any time.


You can contact me via email at