Introducing Free-York Pool [YORK]: Support for Education & Financial Inclusion

Hello Cardano Community!

We are Free-York Pool [YORK], which was initiated and run by 2 (two) Young Engineers from Indonesia. The name Free-York is inspired by the area where we work (Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Indonesia), which means (our opinion) a place/ space where has a free and equal access to grow and make a progress. From that perspective, we are eager to make YORK become one of the Cardano Stake Pool Operators who can contribute in developing the Cardano ecosystem and give a huge rewards/ benefit for our beloved Delegators :heart:

Our vision and mission are closely related to the pain-points that we observed in Indonesia (and perhaps in most other developing countries), which are related to education and financial inclusion (access to finance).

YORK vision is "To be trusted, reliable and high-performance Stake Pool Operator for Cardano Decentralized-Ecosystem”.

YORK mission are:

  1. Broaden the Cardano ecosystem by making educational approach as a backbone :books:
  2. Increasing financial inclusion level together with Cardano ecosystem for supporting equitable development and economy around the world :moneybag:

Some of YORK’s portfolios to date are as follows:

  1. YORK received the First Cohort of IOHK Delegation amounting to 3,200,000 ADA for 3 months (February - May 2021), and has minted 58 blocks (up to Epoch 265).
  2. YORK has provided FREE EDUCATION (as a scholarships) for 2 (two) Awardees (1 person per batch) by organizing a Blockchain Scholarship Program at the Foundation of Blockchain Class (arranged by Emurgo Indonesia). By introducing blockchain technology, we hope that it will increase the awareness our friends in Indonesia and enlarge the blockchain ecosystem (Cardano in particular).
  3. YORK is also committed to allocating 2.5% of the total monthly SPO reward for CHARITY related to humanitarian and/ or sustainable environment. Our intention is to provide an equal opportunities for growth. We have distributed charities through one of the crowdfunding platforms in Indonesia for April and May 2021. Check for details on the YORK website.

Pool Name: Free-York
Ticker: YORK
Pool Pledge: 50,000 ADA
Pool Margin: 1%
Pool ID: pool1n2j7zmw69gf3weqp3wae234p3lykjks49c84mleqgmnmg4jht3y
Server: Cloud-based server with enterprise level stability, multi relays (1 Block Generator + 2 Relays) distributed across multiple countries, using multiple layers of security and equipped with DDoS mitigation, 24/7 operational performance to ensure the distribution of our delegator rewards.

Telegram: @fyorkpool
Twitter: @fyorkpool
Instagram: freeyorkpool

YORK is going to give the best effort to ensure our Delegator’s ADA can be stored safely and grow with maximum protection.

YORK need support from all of you by delegating to YORK through Cardano official wallet (Daedalus and Yoroi) so that YORK can keep contribute to others. Thank you.

Warm Regards,