Introducing Freedom SoCal Stake Pool [FRSC]

Hi everyone, I’m a Cardano enthusiast who decided to do my part to help decentralize finance. Freedom SoCal is a Stake Pool running on a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB.
340A fixed, 3% margin.
I am an Industrial Engineer in my professional life, programming, automation and continuous improvement are my specialties. Cardano has opened up so many possibilities for this world, I cant wait to see how it will begin to transform.

Consider delegating a small amount to [FRSC]. It’ll show support for little guy. Saturation is a huge concern, the larger players everyone wants to be a part of, but can quickly diminish rewards, betting on the little guy may be beneficial.
I dont have the Pledge others have, that doesn’t diminish any of my convictions about ADA, I have allocated what I can afford to further the Cardano network.

I know i cant compete with the large server farm Stake Pools, but none the less Cardano-nodes can be run on tiny computer, just further exemplifying the power of the Cardano network, and how almost anyone can be a pool operator.

My Plans:
Fixed Fee / Epoch 340 stays consistent per IOHK currently.
Margin: Currently 3%, considering reducing to 1%, but I dont want to fluctuate this to manage saturation, I want everyone to know it’ll stay constant so long as we are under the saturation level. I have heard of larger pools who drive the margin closer to 100% only to drive delegates to other pools, starting their rewards cycle over for the new pool.
Increasing Nodes in future as income starts flowing, distributing those nodes regionally.
Communication, i want to provide a means to communicate with me through the homepage, you wont get this personal with anyone not running a larger pool.

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