Introducing Gaucho Quest Pool [GCHO]: Where Gaucho Spirit Meets Cardano Innovation

Hey there, awesome Cardano crew!

Get ready to meet Gaucho Quest Pool – a pool that’s not just about staking, but about riding the wave of Cardano innovation with a sprinkle of Gaucho spirit! :cowboy_hat_face::seedling:

Who Are We? We’re not your regular staking pool; we’re a bunch of folks from Uruguay, bringing the Gaucho’s courage and love for the land into the world of blockchain. We’re tech-savvy and tree-huggers all in one! :deciduous_tree::computer:

Our Mission: Here’s the scoop – we’re all about making Cardano more decentralized and planet-friendly. Some of our rewards go straight into planting trees. So, when you stake with us, you’re not just earning ADA, you’re contributing to a greener tomorrow. :earth_americas::herb:

What Makes Us Shine?

  1. Supercharged Ansible Playbook: Ever heard of an Ansible playbook? We’ve updated the MOAI playbook making managing your Cardano node as easy as pie. More nodes, more decentralization, more fun!
  2. Community Cheers: We’re a friendly bunch! We’re not just about numbers; we’re about making connections to spread the Cardano love far and wide. :dancer::man_dancing:

Ready to Jump In? Don’t just stand on the sidelines, dive into Gaucho Quest! Stake with us and be part of a journey that’s shaping a greener, more decentralized future. Oh, and check out our Ansible playbook on GitHub - gp2pepe/ansible-cardano-node: Ansible playbook for provisioning a Cardano stake pool Updated 2023, and say hi on Let’s ride this Gaucho wave together! :rocket::cactus:

Catch you on the Gaucho side,
Gabriel - Gaucho Quest Pool Team


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Succes guys, greetings from CASP

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