Introducing GIBON pool 🐒 0% Fee, Ledgers giveaway!

Hi Guys, I would like to introduce my pool called GIBON.
I am Paul from Czech Republic, i have one block producer and two relays distributed on different hosts in Germany. I am big fan of Cardano from the beginning and I decided to operate my own pool from epoch 251. Hope its not too late, and looking forward to mine first block!
Single pool operator - forever :+1:
Pledge 10k - hope will be 30k soon!
0% Fee
Every month I give away prices to my delegators (Ledgers, Jackets, etc.) more info at

You are welcome to join my pool with small stake, I will really appreciate it!

I would like to thanks Alex for what he is doing for community! :four_leaf_clover: Good luck guys! Thanks Paul.


Somehow i like the idea of an giveaway to your delegators, with the intetion to attract delegators. I hope you will get your delegators. Do you want to do this giveaway foreover or just in the beginning of your pool?

Hi Jonny, I would like to do it as long as possible, depends on budget and how many delegators joins. Yesterday we mint first block with only 6 delegators - I am so happy for them. With more blocks will be budget bigger and more I give to my stakers. Thanks Paul.

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