Introducing Hippo Pool [HIPPO] - Shape a better future through decentralization

Hello Cardano folks !

My name is Jérôme. I’m the operator of the Hippo Pool [HIPPO]
I am an independent IT engineer and my main area of expertise is Cloud/Devops engineering.
I live with my family in Wallonia, Belgium.
As a vegetarian for about 20 years now (guess where comes from the logo), I have always cared about human and animal welfare.
I’m interested in blockchain world since the early 2018 but Cardano appealed me through its energy saving (PoS) and sustainable project (treasury system).

Ticker: [HIPPO]
Pledge: 25,000 ADA (₳)
Current Stake: 27,110 ADA (₳)
Fixed fee: 340 ADA (₳)
Margin: 1 %

Website :

Pool ID: 718f15efee599d498a7582c4f56a940cfebffc14e850656db8d529e1

Location : Wallonia, Belgium

Pool infrastructure

Hippo pool runs on 2 (relay and node) Linux servers in a datacenter in Europe powered by renewable energy. Infrastructure is a family business.
Each server is equipped with 16GB of RAM and 2 vCPU. Servers are firewalled, DDOS protected and 24/7 monitored.
We’ll upgrade the specs when required.
A second relay to increase redundancy is already planned.

Operator experience

I’m an engineer with 10 years experience in Software and Cloud development.
I have a focused on security (OSCP cert)

Why should users check out your pool ?

We truly believe in a brighter future through decentralization. The transfer of power and resources will give a greater voice to citizens and local entities.

Hippo Pool mission is decentralization of the Cardano network. To achieve this goal we applied to join the Single Pool Alliance.
A single pool for true decentralization ! The pool is not run by a big corporation.

Believing in a better future is not enough ! The current world could use some help.
For each block minted, we’ll donate 10 % of the profit to local environmental and social charity projects.

The first donation will go to : SEA SHEPHERD Belgium

It is not easy to compete with the big pools that have more regular rewards.
Help the HIPPO pool to grow and stake with us to help decentralization and the current world.
Be sure rewards will come.

Thanks for your support and I hope you have decided to stake with HIPPO pool !
If you have questions, feel free to contact me.


Welcome here and good luck!

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HIPPO pool is now delighted to be part of the Single Pool Alliance ( and the Cardano xSPO alliance (Alliances - xSPO Alliance | Cardano Staking)