Introducing Italians Pool It Better [IPIB]: a stake pool Made in Italy

Dear Cardano community,
I’d like to introduce my pool: Italians Pool It Better. I’m Luca, I’m an engineer with the passion about cars, rockets and technology that can help give a sustainable future for mankind. I believe that blockchains are one of the enabling technologies for a brighter future and Cardano is the most promising of all.
Decentralization is one of the key aspects of the Cardano PoS model, so I decided to start a pool based in Italy: people, hardware and connectivity.
IPIB masterplan is divided in three phases:

  1. Mint the Block!
  2. Growth!
  3. Make the world a better place!

We started the pool with 10k ADA pledge, now increased to 15k, fairly high considering the current value of the coin, but our commitment is to put all rewards during phase 1 and 2 back into the pledge. We are here for the long run!
Visit our pool page for more details on our goals and get informed with our practical guide to staking, available in English and Italian.

The pool

  • Ticker: IPIB
  • Pledge: 15100 ADA
  • Fixed fee: 340 ADA
  • Variable fee: 0%
  • Website:
  • Contact:, Telegram IPIB_Pool
  • Pool ID / hash: pool1ezskfrplms9h6hxcw7adqghmfrtpn6cy7ax8ajrm5kn0crvl6sn
  • Location: Modena, Italy
  • Pool infrastructure: The node is hosted in a a TIER4 datacenter in Tuscany on dual processor VPS servers with 8Gb RAM and 80Gb SSD, connected to a 86Gbps backbone. The datacenter is powered by 100% certified renewable energy. The node runs on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS 64bit.
  • Pool redundancy: The datacenter has 100% uptime since July 2011. The power supply system if fully redundant, with gensets capable of 48h of autonomy, the storage is replicated in real time to a separate datacenter.
  • Operator experience: I started using Linux since SUSE 6.2 in 1999. My passion for IT and Linux remained intact over time and gave me the chance to learn the fundamentals of system administration. Working I acquired experience in programming (C, C++, Python, VHDL and scientific languages).

Hi IPIB, good job and convincing presentation, i’m waiting for my ADA transfer in my YOROI wallet and i’ll delegate to you, hopefully in the next few days.

Welcome and thank you!

Thanks for your support. Every ADA staked helps reaching our first goal: Mint the Block!

With IPIB pool we have a plan made of 3 phases:

  1. Mint the block!
  2. Growth!
  3. Charity!

But to reach #3 we need to get to #1 and #2 first and it will take longer than we wanted to begin giving to those in need. So we had and idea, to bootstrap the pool and charity at the same time!

The thing is simple: for every 1000ADA in stake, we give 1ADA to Save the Children, EVERY MONTH!

We are not using the rewards to donate, the delegators will receive full rewards, thanks to the 0% margin fee we’ll keep during phase 1 and 2. It’s our money, not yours that go to charity.

What’s the catch? No catch, you stake, we donate. Every month . Until we’ll reach 1.2M ADA in stake and phase 3 of the masterplan kicks in.

Here’s the challenge: make us donate as much as possible, just stake with IPIB . With 1M ADA in stake, we’ll give 1000ADA each month to Save the Children.

When do we start? We already did , check on our giveaway page where you can download the bank receipt of the donation. We are not waiting to get rewards, we are serious about this and you can help us make the difference. Help us donate.

For more info, go to our pool’s page or get in touch via Telegram.

Happy staking with IPIB pool!

Hi friends of Cardano, I have a good news regarding IPIB pool, we increased the pledge to 15000 ADA. We made this choice to further demonstrate our long term commitment to the Cardano project, and also to differentiate our pool from the majority of new pools that have very small pledges (less that 1000ADA).

So, join us, delegate and together we’ll bring a positive change to the world. Our great charity giveaway is still on, so stake with us if you want increase the donations to Save the Children. Every month we donate 1ADA for every 1000ADA in stake, plain and simple. We don’t take the money from the delegate rewards, so there’s nothing to lose.

Don’t feed the greed, feed the heart, stake with IPIB!

HI friends, we added a status page on the pool’s site, so that you can monitor the performance of our servers in real time. Check it out on
Just as a reminder, the Charity giveaway is still going and in about 12 days we’ll make our second donation to Save the Children. Help us making it a big donation, the more you stake, the more we donate!

Hi all, we did some tweaks at the pool site and added some content about Cardano stake pool delegation.
The charity giveaway is still ongoing and since the end of the month is nearing we are preparing to send out our second donation to Save the Children. We just need to set the amount, help us make a big donation, the more you stake the more we donate!
I ask anyone interested in knowing more about the pool to reach out and get in touch with us here, via mail or on telegram. We are a growing community of delegators (25 at the moment) believing in Cardano, in the value of decentralization and independence and in the potential to make the world a better place.

Don’t feed the greed, feed the heart, stake with IPIB!

Hi friends, we believe that communication is an important part of the success of a stake pool. The operators need to be available to answer the stakeholders questions but we also need to give timely updates to our community of supporters. To improve this aspect, today we added the blog to our site and streamlined a little the graphic of the giveaway page.

Our bootstrap donation program is still active, and you still have 5 days to delegate to IPIB and make our monthly donation to Save the Children be as big as possible. You stake, we donate!

Don’t feed the greed, feed the heart, stake with IPIB!


Hi friends, here’s the news and updates from IPIB.

It’s the last day of March and tomorrow I’ll make the monthly donation to Save the Children, so help me make it a big one!

For every 1000ADA in stake I will donate 1ADA , out of my pockets, not the delegator’s. To make me give 100ADA, 500ADA, 1000ADA, you just need to stake with IPIB.

Since our first Telegram group (IPIB_Pool) is mostly populated by Italians, we’ve created an English speaking group to welcome our international delegators and make them feel at home: IPIB_Pool_EN. Please join us, get to know us and stake with us!

It’s a very exciting day for the whole Cardano community, it’s our D=0 Day! Let’s make it even more special by helping IPIB make a big donation and make the world a better place.

Take care, stay safe and happy staking from IPIB!

Hi friends, we have an important news to share today: IPIB is officially member of the Mission Driven Pools collective. 58 pools represented, more than 8 projects supported and over 7500$ donated so far!
With your help we can do more, stake with us and we will donate 1:1000 of the ADA staked, every month. You delegate, get full rewards thanks to our minimal fees (0% margin) and we donate from our pockets. It’s a win-win for everyone. Try us!

Don’t feed your greed, feed your heart, stake with IPIB!

We are getting ready to update to 1.26.1, so we decided to anticipate the addition of a second relay node to better handle the transition and reducing downtime to the minimum possible.
So from today we have two relays, in two different data centers in Italy, with fully replicated storage and powered by 100% certified renewable energy.

Support us, you’ll get solid engineering and an open heart. Happy staking from IPIB!

Hi friends, a little news from IPIB: we added our Twitter account, so for everyone interested, please follow us along the Cardano journey: IPIB Cardano Stake Pool

Thanks everyone for support and happy staking!

Just to let everyone know that IPIB pool has been updated to 1.26.2 after the request by IOHK to do it urgently, before epoch ends.

Remember: if you stake with us you support Save the Children!

Happy staking!

Hi friends, the end of month is nearing and so it’s time to make our donation to Save the Children, with the simple rule of our giveaway program: every 1000ADA in stake, we donate 1ADA!
To help us make a big donation, you just need to delegate to IPIB and stake your ADA with us.

I’m thrilled that Cardano announced yesterday that they made a partnership with Save the Children to help them collect more money and support their great programs of children aid. We are doing our part and with your help, we can do more. Just stake with us!

Happy staking with IPIB!

I’m excited to announce that IPIB made the first on-chain donation to Save the Children. Thanks Cardano and Adapay for giving this possibility. Finally proof of donation is as easy as checking a transaction on cardanoscan: just follow this link!

Help us donate more, stake with IPIB!

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Hi friends, it’s been a busy and exciting month. Our giveaway is still going and we’ve made our latest donation to Save the Children directly on chain from Adapay.
Proof of donation is accessible on our website and on Cardanoscan.

Stake with us and we’ll donate more, every month!

Happy staking with IPIB!

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Hi friends, it’s been a while since our last update here. I have great news: we minted the first block in epoch 281!
We now have about 0.5M ADA in stake and we’ll keep minting regularly.
It’s a very good time to join IPIB and help us make the world a better place. The charity giveaway to Save the Children is still active and we’ll keep donating more and more every month.

Happy staking with IPIB!

IPIB made the biggest donation, so far, to Save the Children: 480ADA (bringing the total to 680ADA)!

For more info about the charity giveaway program and donation proof, visit the pool site:

Thanks to all delegators that made this possible.

If you like what we are doing, stake with IPIB and help us make the difference.

A small update from IPIB.
First of all, now blocks are being minted and rewards are flowing to our delegators, which is great news.
Second, we want to announce that IPIB is one of the first members of the xSPO alliance (#24 to be precise), certified by a very nice and unique NFT minted on Cardano.

It’s a very exciting moment for Cardano, let’s work together to make this project a reality.

Happy staking with IPIB!