Introducing Cardazio pool

Introducing Cardazio Pool from Denmark

Pool name: Cardazio
Ticker: CDZIO
Pledge: 9.68k
Margin: 1%


6 vCPU Cores
16gb ram
400 GB SSD




Our Mission

Cardazio’s mission is to inform and make Cardano’s blockchain more accessible to all. We do this by making e-learning content in multiple languages by sharing our knowledge about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, how to secure crypto, about the various exchanges, the Cardano blockchain, wallets, staking, pools, etc.

The purpose is to make it easy, understandable and attract new users to the Cardano ecosystem. In this way, we can contribute to the Cardano community’s vision of decentralizing the world’s financial system.

We are still at the beginning of our journey, our pool is small, but with your delegation we can grow and start receiving rewards.

We want to stay in touch with all of our delegators and donate a % of the rewards
to charity chosen by our delegators. Join our Telegram if you have any questions

If you share our vision, we would love to see you stake to our pool, and in return we promise to give back to the community and support Cardano as best we can.

PS: Want to thank @Alexd1985 for all the contribution and support on starting our pool


Welcome aboard !