Introducing [CODER] pool. 0% fees and 30% of rewards to charities helping people get into coding


I’m DanTup, a software developer of 20 years (mostly web, though a focus on developer tools most recently). I discovered Cardano around 9 months ago when trying to learn a little more about crypto/blockchains (both from a dev perspective, and somewhere for a small speculative investment). Cardano stood out because of the peer-reviewed papers, Charles AMAs etc., so I invested a little and have been following closely since.

I had some ideas for some future side projects once smart contracts are here (I previously tried implementing some in Solidity, but didn’t get on at all with it) and since they’d likely involve running nodes, setting up a pool seemed like a logical step, an opportunity to learn some more, and a way to earn more to donate to charities that help others into coding (for example RPi’s Code Club).

Ticker: CODER
Pledge: 40k ADA
Fixed fee: 340 ADA
Variable fee: 0%
Links: adapools, pooltool

Contact: DanTup on Twitter/Telegram/GitHub, CoderStakePool on Twitter
Pool ID: pool1hrfv7z55k4m2q6ghemu56r3zkw7dt5wd5xay5yw7an7p7aw33ac (b8d2cf0a94b576a06917cef94d0e22b3bcd5d1cda1ba4a11deecfc1f)
Location: Cheshire, England, UK

Infrastructure: Running IOHK cardano-node containers running on Kubernetes. Currently on a temporary PC though migrating soon to NUC 11 i5 (NVMe / 32-64BG RAM). Cold machine is an offline RPi 3, and all cold keys are securely encrypted and backed up (and the unencrypted files wiped from the Pi between KES rotations). Pledge/rewards are controlled by hardware wallets.

Operator experience: In my jobs as a developer, I’ve done my fair share of managing Windows and Linux servers. I wouldn’t call myself an expert, though I think I’m competent and have strong desire to always be learning more.

Why should users check out your pool?
I’m committed to only ever running a single pool to help decentralisation. I’m competent and have run a pool on testnet producing blocks. 30% of all operator rewards will be donated to causes that help others into coding (I appreciate anyone can say that - though my public identity and OSS contributions hopefully help show I’m not here to earn a bad reputation by not following through). There’s a lot of awesome stuff out there that didn’t exist when I was learning (Pi, microbit, Scratch) - a lot of which my kids love playing with - so it’d be nice to give something back to those involved in these kinds of programs.

Thanks for reading! Delegations, tips/advice and feedback all very welcome!


Welcome and good luck!

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