Introducing ZED Pool

Hello Everybody,

I am a computer engineer and enthusiast, following & participating in crypto communities for a few years.

Running Etherium PoW Rigs (a.k.a Heaters…) seeing its direction at the moment (and I am no talking about PoW to PoS change, but everything besides that…), And how Cardano evolves which caused
me to fall in love quickly!

This pool is supposed to be my starting point with Cardano, Running on OVH VPS (8 Cores, 8GB, 320GB each server), with a Producer and 2 Relay Nodes located in Canada, and plans to expand further with more relays around the world.

Knowing being SPO is a long way to go before the pool actually get active in minting,
one of the goals of going in that direction is to try to educate/promote Cardano on the Israeli market.

Best wishes,

o Ticker: ZED
o ID: f792d0af62312786bed43717a4300fc722fcbe054a61fa62e5e183e3
o Pledge: 7
o Fee: 340
o Margin: 1%

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