Introducing ZOEPOOL [ZOE] #WomenInBlockchain

Hello, my name is Azeez. I’m a business & management graduate but I primarily work as a model. I also work within marketing and the events industry - The only reason I’m letting you know this is to show people that this ecosystem, blockchain & Cardano, is for all people not just people with tech backgrounds.

At the beginning of September 2020 I stepped into the blockchain ecosystem. On my journey I came across Cardano and I’m so happy that I did. I’ve been trying to delve deeper into this ecosystem and add value where my skills and knowledge can be utilised and with that I’ve come on board as the marketing manager of ZOEPOOL, an African based stakepool focused on #WomenInBlockchain.

Ticker: ZOE | Pledge: 600.00k | Fixed fee: 340 | Variable fee: 3%

Find ZOE on Twitter & Instagram @zoepoolz
Website: (it’s still under construction but should be up & running in the next few weeks)

Stake pool operator Twitter:
Marketing manager Twitter:

Pool infrastructure
Our Cardano-Nodes currently run on:

  • Intel® Xeon® Gold CPUs
  • 16 GB ECC RAM
  • HA/HP NVMe-SSD Storage-Arrays
  • 1Gbit/s Uplinks in a DDOS-Protected Network

Pool redundancy: We utilise snapshots. ZOEPOOL can be rebooted from a snapshot in under 1 minute if needed.

Operator experience
"Creating a stakepool was a bit difficult for me due to the fact that I had no IT background. What kept me going was my vision and determination to succeed at creating one. Along the way while creating ZOEPOOL I got so many errors and had so many sleepless nights. I was under so much pressure, I was literally going crazy because it was too much to comprehend. I kept going anyway - I would say that my vision & determination was stronger than the challenges I faced.

I made a mistake somewhere along the way and even lost my pledge. This was the height of it all, but I still kept going. Holger, the founder of Cardano24, who has a significant IT background helped me out - the Cardano community has the best people in the world! Holger not only helped me recover my funds, he also helped me finish creating ZOE and offered us infrastructure for free as he supports many african projects. He’s been of immense help to me when learning about running a stakepool. He’s always available to answer my questions and has offered to help if I would run into any issues in the future - like he did in the past. This has created a safe space to ask questions and find answers, an opportunity to learn everything from scratch without the mental pressure I was feeling before." - April (ZOEPOOL SPO)

Why you should come visit ZOEPOOL

Thanks for reading, hope to catch you poolside at ZOEPOOL where the sun stays shining & #WomenInBlockchain are cherished.


Congratulations on getting this far, best wishes for the future! :grinning:


Thanks @RobJF :blush:

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Hi guys, I noticed you just got a whole bunch of delegations, congratulations! :tada:

Is there any particular reason they all came along within the past 24 hours or so?

Hi Robin,

Yesterday we announced that we were going to retire our pool unfortunately due to lack of delegations. ZOEPOOL was not minting blocks regularly enough and it would have honestly been unsustainable for us to keep the pool going.

The community seemed shocked and sadden at the idea of April retiring the [ZOE] pool. This morning we decided to pull out a “final call” to see if the community would be willing to help us get our delegations up and the community has indeed came through with support as you can see.

This is really a special moment for us right now. We’re overwhelmed with the support the community has shown us today to keep April’s pool alive.

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