Introducing Azeroth Stake Pool (AZER)

Hello everyone,

My name is Jalani and I am the owner/operator of Azeroth stake pool (AZER). I’ve been a hodling Cardano for a little over 2 years now, always keeping up with the timelines and waiting for the day it would grow into something bigger. I committed to being a long term stake pool operator right around the end of the testnet because I believe in the network and the people behind it. I also figured that I should take my sysadmin experience, get off the sidelines and begin really supporting the network I believe in. So here I am committing to 10 years of AZER, a singly owned and operated cardano stake pool.

Ticker / pledge / fixed fee / variable fee
AZER / 6000 (starting epoch 310) / 340ada (minimum) / 2.5%

Website: (coming soon)
Pool ID / hash: 8df1ec97a60edf8af20f88dd8714ba59c44152b4505f70f759b848a1
Location: San Diego California, US

Pool infrastructure
1 block producing node, 2 relay nodes. All three nodes currently have 4GB ram, 80GB ssd, 4TB transfer. These are DigitalOcean droplets running on Ubuntu 18.04. Specifications will be upgraded as necessary.

Pool redundancy
Automatically swaps relay to block producer in the event of the block producer failing for any reason allowing 99% uptime of the block producing node.

Why should users check out your pool?
I plan to operate this pool and only this pool for at least 10 years, circumstances permitting, and will be increasing the pledge amount on a monthly basis as continued faith in this pool. Both the fixed fee and the variable fee will remain constant (340 & 2.5%) for the lifetime of this pool. Delegating to this pool supports network decentralization and stability.

Thanks for reading!

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Good luck with your pool, I like the name!