Introducing AzureADA [AZUR] Stake Pool! 2% Fee 99.99% guaranteed Uptime!

Check out our website at, our ticker is AZUR. We have pledged 1.2M. We just came online 3/12/20! We have servers in Japan, Seattle, and Wyoming. 12 total nodes, Enterprise class performance and reliability, not your average basement warrior! 20 years IT experience and Azure certified!


We have minted our first block already and we are expecting great things. We are one of the most robust stake pools available. Check out our infrastructure.


Video updates from Ryan about new Daedalus wallet update, bugs, ITN rewards and plans for the future.

You can follow us on Reddit :grinning:

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Very interesting! Perhaps soon I will delegate!

Дуже цікаво! Можливо, скоро делегую!

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Looks like you have a great setup! Good luck to you

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Happy to see that you’ve minted your second block, too! Keep staking. We’re with you!

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Just to let you know, we’re performing perfectly. We have 3 blocks so far this epoch and have had zero performance issues. We are rocking along, as expected with our enterprise-class infrastructure

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Very badass

We are happy to see that AZUR now is among the luckiest pool in terms of block minting.

Our luck is over 100%

P.S. We still have enough space for delegation till the pool saturation.


Future Cardano Stake Pool Operators!!
Age 5 & 6

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Classic! Where can I get a shirt?


I am happy to send you a free shirt, what size are you? You can send your address securely from our website Contact Us form. I’ll get one out to you as soon as we get the next batch of shirts printed.

I really like your website and hope we can register with you soon. I particularly like helping homeless veterans and helping African countries like Cameroon with medical supplies. Thanks! Ryan with AZUR

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Awesome! I’ll submit my address this evening! I hope you and your pool are successful going forward!

AzureADA’s Vision & Values Video