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Hello there!

My name is Jos, based in the Netherlands (Amsterdam-area), Cardano-believer since 2017, ADA-hodler through good times and bad, and passionate about building and enjoying our new decentralized, equal-opportunity economy, together.

Earlier this year, we have made a fantastic run on the Incentivized Test Net. Being one of just a handful of operators to successfully produce over 9,500 blocks, our 3 pools generated >7.5M ADA in rewards for our delegators with a combined total stake of 200M ADA, providing 11.5%~11.7% ROS, well within the top-10 of highest-reward 80M+ pools on the ITN. (visit our ITN-archive to verify these results)

This success, and encouragements from many of our delegators, made us eager to take it to the next level on Mainnet, resulting in the following 3 pools:

staking4ADA [4ADA]: 200k pledge | 2% fee | smooth & stable rewards
pool-ID: a631b46315b1567ef0ce2b2ad4cb63faac09f32ceba6716a7e331e5e

friends4ADA [F4ADA]: 1.05M pledge | 3% fee | guaranteed saturation-free, but bumpier rewards
pool-ID: 7e53c234d29f6037c5e5f82dfdc8a6edf816cc406d0a3a3412cdeab7

whales4ADA [W4ADA]: 2M pledge | 4% fee | flexible service for big wallet sizes
pool-ID: bbfb301cad22e7a62f6fea6e3c93aec4e6f714aef66b0a828e792f12

All pools apply the minimum cost of 340ADA/epoch, imposed by the Shelley-protocol.

Most of the pledge comes from enthusiastic delegators from the ITN, who believe in our sustainable and no-nonsense, cloud-less approach to staking, and also want to actively support the Cardano network.

But, rather than going on-and-on for much longer, let me just invite you over to our website, to find out more about how we run our solar-powered server and what we’re offering in terms of blog and newsletter updates:


Ofcourse you can also reach us via:


I’m looking forward to get in touch. Happy Staking! :sun_with_face:



Gogogo Jos! On the ITN inwas very satisfied with the results of your pools but even more with your communication to the delegators, and that your computers are solar based. And because i want to delegate to an dutch pool, i decided today not to wait until my yoroi wallet is ready for staking, but made the step to Daedalus, wich took more than 5 ours and…delegated to one off your pools! I can recommand them! Succes!

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Thanks Harry! Now the big waiting game has started, as it takes another full epoch before any of the pools get a chance to produce blocks. Feels like watching Groundhog Day in slow motion :slight_smile:

Jos, I collected my portion of those 7.5M ADA from the ITN today. Thank you for all the effort and the communication through that process.

I am delegating a much higher percentage of my holdings this time to the 4ADA pools after being suitably impressed by your pools performance over the past half a year.

I can heartily recommend the pool.

Many thanks Mike and sorry for my late reply. Your confidence is very much appreciated and makes us all the more determined to deliver an outstanding job :slight_smile: