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Hi Everyone,

My name is Max. I’m from Russia. I have a good experience in system administration in particular in the banking sector and developing also more than 10 years. I began by interest in crypto with Bitcoin in 2014 only from the developer’s side, but my first investments was in 2018 only.

I have been following Cardano project for a long time. In this month I decided to start supporting Cardano network because I believe in this project and fully agree with the main Cardano ideas. Look forward to the integration of smart contracts and I planning to learn Plutus.

:white_check_mark: Nodes Specs: 4x cores, 8GB RAM, SSD NVMe, 1 Gbps connection.
:white_check_mark: Core node located in secure anclave without any outside connections. Communication with relay nodes implemented via encrypted private channel. All pledge stored on Ledger Nano hardware wallet.

:rocket: Ticker: PEER
:moneybag: Pledge: 20k
:bank: Fixed cost: 340 ADA
:dollar: Margin: 2%
:id: Pool ID: b0098c8dff4f965456ab04cb56fc6119b3f72ad239e473f5ea7664bb

:bird: Twitter: @PeerStake
:speech_balloon: Telegram: @PeerStake
:e-mail: E-mail: contact@peerstake.io
:globe_with_meridians: Website : peerstake.io

Unfortunately my pledge is very small now and I am looking for delegators who can help to mint our first block together! :v:
I’m here to stay, and I’m planning on increasing my pledge eventually.

If you have any questions or just want a pleasant conversation than don’t hesistate to contact me.

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:muscle:10% of pool profit donates to internet freedom foundations. By delegating your ADA to our pool, you help to fight excessive internet censorship.

More info :point_right: https://peerstake.io/mission/

Zero fees for delegators now!

Guide “How to stake Cardano” (English and Russian versions) - https://peerstake.io/how-to-stake-cardano/