Introducing Kash Stake Pool [KASH]

Introducing Kash Stake Pool [KASH]

Hi everyone,

I’m Robert from the Kash Team (me), I am a crypto enthusiasts who want to be a part of the Cardano community.
I began my journey in 2018 as an ethurium miner building my own rig. After learning about Cardano,
and proof of stake, I decided to become a part of what I believe is the future.

Here is some information about our pool:

Ticker: KASH
Pledge: 1500 ADA (another 6500 staked)
Fixed fee: 340 ADA (minimum)
Variable fee: 0% (minimum)
Youtube: Thorne128
Pool ID: cc7a01f31985bdbea49e87e9308a18d5318254c911f0b5289e763bd5
Location: Connecticut, USA
Pool Infrastructure & Redundancy: Our nodes are deployed on VPS services, Monitored with Prometheus/Grafana
1 block producer node: 6 vCPUs, 16GB RAM, 400GB SSD
2 relay nodes: 6 vCPUs, 16 GB RAM. 400GB SSD
Located in different regions in the US.

Why should users check out your pool?

Incentive for early delegtors to earn [POOL] Pool Kash token.
Welcoming investors or partners.

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Hi Robert :wave:t3: